Jack’s Backyard

Ok, I know most of you don’t live in Austin, but if you’re visiting anytime soon, I’d like to take this opportunity to warn you away from Jack’s Backyard on I-35. If I had cooking like that at home, I would have run away and joined the circus. The meat was tough, the tortillas were cold, and the service was horrible. Really horrible.

Unfortunately, its the only place in Austin to get Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs right now. Which means that I’ll be eating there unil we find another place that Jade can get his rib fix.

On the up side, I managed to get my sticky little fingers on some of the new Starbucks Mocha ice cream bars, and run into an old friend at H.E.B. at the same time. I haven’t seen Monique in about six or seven months, and we had already gotten the ice cream, so we couldn’t talk to her for long. It was nice to see her though…

Oh yeah, and the ice cream bars were GOOD!!!!

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