Hey there! Don’t have much time, but I thought that I’d reply to a comment.

Yeah, I’ve been working at a florist – Pflugerville Floral Design actually – and they’re really nice folks. I started out just working for them on holidays and such, but they needed Satruday help, so I took them up on it. I’m not doing flower arrangements or anything, mostly deliveries and helping at the desk and all that stuff. You’d be surprised how unappreciative people are when they recieve flowers. The folks in the middle and upperclass homes get all huffy like you’ve interruped their lives or something. It’s the lady in the doublewide in the middle of nowhere that really touches your heart by passing you a 50 cent tip that really melts your heart. The others? Well they don’t tip at all!

The moral of this story to all my friends and family is this: please tip your delivery person, even if it’s only a few cents. They’ll really remember you for it. And if they snob you out (like we had one guy from Pizza Hut do), call their manager and read him/her/it the riot act.

As for the career day aptitude test, I got teacher as well as scientific research (the guy said it was because I liked science and had the ability to notice patterns). In fact, I don’t know anyone that didn’t get teacher…I think they were trying to hedge their bets! 🙂 I think that you’d make a good florist, Dani; I know you would love the beaucoups fresh flowers that they send home with you rather than throwing them out. It’s my fave part of the job!


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