4th of July

Ok. Survived work. Survived freeway, pouring rain and traffic. But I barely survived my dog.

You see, we have these yahoos here that decided it would be fun to play with Roman candles in our neighborhood. By the time that we got back from going to see Gareth & Paula’s baby & BBQ night (some GOOD food, let me tell you!), Rhiannon the dog was thoroughly terrified. I went outside with her so that she wouldn’t get spooked while she was taking a powder, and some bozo lets off with this big bada boom that scared the red off her fur. She did what she always does when she’s scared, and attempted to prove her theory that she can become one with my legs if she presses against them hard enough. Unfortunately, I was in mid step.

So now, I’m tired, full, and happy…but I have a slightly sore butt from where I landed on it. Fortunately, God chose to grace me with plenty of cushion back there, but I think that that aforementioned padding is going to be black and blue.

I hope y’all’s 4th turned out well. I love to see that so many people are turning out to celebrate the official beginning of my Birthday Month. Further celebrations should be forthcoming. Maybe more parades? Think on it for me. I’m going off to sleepyland for now.

About Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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1 Response to 4th of July

  1. Matt says:

    Glad to hear things went well for you babe.

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