2nd Nervous Breakdown

Well, I just got home from houston, and boy(!), was that a trip! Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write about it b/c I’m exhausted.

Suffice to say, not only did I get to spend some QT with family and friends – although, not much with Matt šŸ˜¦ – I left with some lovely birthday presents… including a digital camera, and a new car!!!!!

So, start to expect pictures here, and for the TwoCatSpat site to go up soon. I just have to figure the damn thing out….

Love to everyone, and I’ll post more later!

About Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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3 Responses to 2nd Nervous Breakdown

  1. FaerieKissed says:

    Lucky girl!!!! I want to see pictures!!!!! I want to see new car! I want I want I want!!!!!

  2. Matt says:

    Zoom zoom! Thank you so much for the dishes! We’ll have to hang some more next time I’m in town.

  3. Charleen says:

    Dani – Lemme get my brain together, and I’ll send you pictures. You haven’t seen the house either, have you? We’ll have to remedy that (even if it’s just in pictures). Keep on me, so I don’t forget
    Matt – You’re darn right we will! I’m starting to feel unloved šŸ˜‰ And remember: you can never have too many dishes; especially ones that are given with love…

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