For those of you that aren’t gamers, you’re probably not going to understand most of this. I apologize ahead of time. I also apologize for the cursing, and for the soapbox that I’m climbing up on. You’ve been warned, Ladies and Gentlemen: I am starting a rant.

I am really horked off, today. I went to the freaking game day, b/c I was signed up for a game of Baco Canyon at 4pm. After a hugely long day of delivering flowers to Georgetown and Round Rock, it was with a profound sense of relief that I arrived at Thor’s Hammer for the game.

I should have known when I arrived that it was all going to go wrong.

First, I was almost struck by a car driven by someone who’s dog repeatedly threw up at my birthday party, and drove several people out. Then I had a tired and hot baby placed in my arms, so that her belaguered mother could finish her round. That wasn’t so bad, as it’s been a while since I’ve seen Miss Amelia, and she is really delightful (and her parents are total sweethearts). Problem is she’s gained at least 10 lbs. since I had held her last, and I was juggling her with a heavy bag, and no place to sit. Finally, I got a chair and then (regretfully) gave up Amelia to her mommy so that she could go home. I then picked up Miss Katrina (called Katie) who proceeded to give me quite a workout all throughout the night. She is also a delight, and is the only reason that I didn’t throw an all out hissy.

Then Rob tells me that he’s sitting my seventh level rogue, Theran Gonagin (a.k.a. Lily) with a 4th level barbarian, a 3rd level sorcerer (of the Useless school of Cowards), and two first levels.

Mind you, I have spent over 4 years (real time) playing this character just to get her where she is. She belongs to several metagame groups, one of which – the Gonagins – has just gotten off the ground after several years of trying. I was just starting to have some fun with the Rookroost Thieves Guild as well. The only reason that she is the level that she is, is that I had some problems getting from 4th to 5th level. I actually got to 5th level something like six times, I just kept dying. You see? She is a character that NEEDS to have support from the other players, and cannot be the highest level tank of the group.

Add to that, the fact that this numb nut moron misogynist asshole kept setting off traps in places that he was told were trapped. Then he decided to piss off the great high poombah, touched something that he shouldn’t have, and got himself and the other fighter killed right there. So it was down to me, the 3rd level useless idiot who is playing his female character like he’s never been around a woman other than his mother (with his rancid b.o., I wouldn’t be surprised), and poor Staci with her 1st level cleric. We get in this huge fight while trying to escape, and the sorceress gets charmed and flees. I go down trying to maneuver into a spot where I can do some damage, and Staci gets critted and killed in one shot.

Then the bad guys actually HEAL ME to capture the stupid sorceress, and do something that they can’t do (I don’t want to tell too much as folks may not have played this round), so while I finally come up with a plan that will either get me the hell outta there so that I can bring back the calvery, or will turn me into something resembling the consistancy of liverwurst, the idiot sorceress aquiesses (sp?) to the baddies, touches something she shouldn’t and kills her and me. So, it’s a total party kill. Non recoverable bodies. My character is gone.

Then, the original moron who decided to be a Polish Mine Detector is at my house for the home game. I would rather beat him into senseless oblivion than look at him, and yet I have to play the hostess. Mind you, there’s other stuff this guy has done, but this was just the last straw. He also remarked that this was a fitting end to his character since he has to move to California, and won’t be playing the barbarian much anymore.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to quit the RPGA and River City Roleplayers. There’s really no point in me continuing to waste my time and money, gas and creativity on this bullshit. I pulled out of the Yahoo groups for RCR, Bandit Kingdoms, Gonagins and a couple of other things, so I’m sure that I’m going to be getting a few concerned phone calls tomorrow. I might turn off my phone. It’s really sad that the only time that I get to play with some of my friends is when we get together for Gonagin games, but in order to play, I would have to start all over from scratch. If I did that, I still wouldn’t be able to play with them because I’m too low level.

I also feel sorry for Staci and Jon, who J talked into coming to their first game day today, and who died with me.

Anyway, I’ve still got this prick sitting in my living room. J is being really understanding about it, especially when I told him that I wasn’t going to play tonight – basically killing this evening’s game. But it’s kinda hard to get anything done when a great part of the house is occupied by someone who I want to do something unpleasant to.

I think that I’m going to go to bed. This just isn’t worth dealing with, and my rage is just building. Good Night.

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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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3 Responses to Fuming

  1. Matt says:

    I’m sorry babe. Next time they’re gaming give me a call and we can work on your website or something. *smooch*

  2. FaerieKissed says:

    I totally understand. That sucks! And I also hate having to play hostess to someone whom I’d rather claw their eyes out.

  3. Mom says:

    Some people are not worth the energy that it takes to hate them. Deep cleansing breaths…

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