News on Ioan Gruffudd

I ran across these stories while I was trying to be a smart ass this morning. I thought they might interest you guys:

In this first one, they spelled his name wrong! And can’t they give the guy credit? His first language is Welsh!!! I always thought Lancelot was a self centered git.

King Arthur Movie done Bruckheimer Style

Apparently Jerry Bruckheimer is currently producing a new “true” story on the life of King Arthur. Unfortunately it’s being filmed in Ireland with wholey non-welsh cast!! (apart from Ioan Griffith who plays Lancelot).
In addition, Steven Spielberg is shooting the Arthurian saga in Hungary???
Couldn’t somebody please inform these people that the TRUE King Arthur was provably Athrwys ap Meurig ap Tewdrig – King of Glwysing and Gwent and High-King of Britain. Wales and especially South East Wales (Arthur’s realm) would surely make a beautiful (and correct) backdrop for a movie such as these. In addition, what about a Welsh cast – Anthony Hopkins could play Meurig (the Uther Pendragon) and Catherine Zeta Jones could play Gwenhwyfar (Gwineviere). Ioan Griffith would be far better suited to the role of Athrwys than the fictional role of Lancelot (A late Norman addition to the story).
So come on all you movie moghuls – give us Welsh a little credit and please respect our proud history – The English have tried hard enough to destroy it…they don’t need your help!!!

I’d like to point out to this git that they’re probably filming in Hungary because it’s CHEAPER!!! The British Film Commission charges too much and has all these rules about safety and how many Limeys you must hire…

So then I went on Internet Movie Database , and looked the boy up, and I see that he’s done TWO new Horatio Hornblower movies (WOW!). So I go to A & E, and there’s no mention about it on the main site, but I find this post on the discussion page…

August 19th
Dear Hornblower Fans,

A&E* is proud and happy to announce the return of Ioan Gruffudd as HORATIO HORNBLOWER in a brand new, third installment of our Emmy-award winning miniseries. Returning with Ioan to recreate their original roles are Paul McGann as Lt. Bush, Paul Copley as Matthews, and Sean Gilder as Styles. Further good news will be forthcoming as additional cast members are confirmed. The 4-hour miniseries goes into production in the UK this June, and is drawn from and based upon the third book in C.S. Forster’s Hornblower series, HORNBLOWER AND THE HOTSPUR. Most of the original production team are returning as well, including Director Andrew Grieve, Producer Andrew Benson, Production Designer Rob Harris, Costume Designer John Mollo, Editor Keith Palmer, and Executive Producers Michele Buck and myself.

We know many of you have been wondering about the status of a third HORNBLOWER series, and wondering why we had made no announcement. We felt it was important to wait until our key cast members had been set, and we appreciate your understanding and patience. Even more, we are most grateful for the lively support you have given the series over the years, and we look forward to giving you more to talk about over the next year!

Delia Fine
Executive Producer, Horatio Hornblower

It looks like more drool material and expensive DVD’s for me!

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4 Responses to News on Ioan Gruffudd

  1. A Welsh American says:

    The entire cast of actors in Horatio Hornblower were brilliantly cast and the acting, well, one could not tell anyone was acting.
    Just wondering if Ioan Gruffudd is as virtuous as Horatio Hornblower? We definitely need more men, so gallant as Horatio.
    PS–Please don’t sell out to the typical Hollywood pump out machine, which rarely have any depth to them at all.

  2. Loughorboy says:


    I just stumbled across your site and was stunned to find my posting on your site! (By the way…..i’m the GIT you refer to above!!!!)

    In response to your comments….. i am Welsh and speak Welsh as a first language myself…….Appologies for spelling Gruffudd as Griffith but being a welsh speaker, which i would assume you are not, the two are pronounced exactly the same way (Griffith being the Anglicised spelling).

    Your statement as to why Spielberg is filming in Hungary is probably true……However, this does not excuse the fact that once again Welsh History has been stolen
    and Hollywood fiction passed off as truth. Indeed, in Bruckheimer’s ‘true’ story of King Arthur he has spirited the great welsh/british hero to the Urals and transformed him into a sarmatian knight….based on the fact that there was once a Roman soldier with Artorius as a middle name!!!!….undeniable evidence that!!!!

    What non-welsh speaking (and many Welsh speaking) people dont understand is that the true history is still available in ancient Welsh manuscripts, unfortunately,
    English academia will not except this as evidence simply because thay cannot understand it… is not written in their beloved Latin – therefore it cannot be true!!

    I mean, what were welsh people thinking of writing THEIR history in THEIR own language?????!!!!!!

    Also, i do give Ioan credit….He is a very good actor – in the vein of Burton and Hopkins. I don’t recall saying anything bad about him either. Actually, if you look again i said he would be better suited to playing the role of Arthur(Athrwys). A role that i’m sure he would have excelled in.

  3. Hi. I’m not Welsh, but I’ve been fascinated with King Arthur for a number of years now. There are a pair of Arthurian researchers who I’ve been following. Their names are Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. If you haven’t read what they have to say, I would highly recommend you doing so.

  4. ema rose says:

    i think that ioan griffith is HOT and that he should be in more films that atleast show his chest…..he was extreamly hot in king arthur and should be in more popular movies instead of just like 3…..he should be in teen movies that everyone watchs so he can become well known. COME ON HOTTIE ALL THE GIRLS LOVE YOU!

    p.s tell him i looooovvvvveeee him

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