Genealogical Distress

I came across a problem when my new cousin was born: I accidently uninstalled Family Tree Maker off my computers and linkstation, and therefore erased my family tree. Over 500 names and 10,000 data records….gone. J says that there’s a guy at his work who can retrieve it for me, but I have to wait until he’s got a few free minutes to work on the Linkstation. I want it done NOW, but I don’t want to be ingracious. I hate waiting.

To make matters worse, none of my passwords are working for the family tree site that M made for me, and he’s been sick, so I’m trying not to bug him about it.

As if I wasn’t frustrated enough, the capper is that my parents bought me FTM version 11. This is a wonderful, jump up and down, sing for joy thing, except, I can’t install it for fear that I’ll overwrite the text files that I really really need recovered, and therefore lose everything permanently.

I hate being patient.

I just hope that no one thinks I’m ignoring the birth of my cousin, or the death of a distant cousin on the other side. I also am getting a rather promising Clesi inquiry from this one guy, who sounds like he’s starting to get impatient. I can’t research it without my notes.

Ah well, all will be back to normal in a couple of weeks. Then I can research this claim, and add the pertinant info that I need to. M and I were talking about reloading the gene site; starting over on the records, really jazzing up the gallery, and tweaking it in a hundred different little ways. It sounds like a lot of fun. The poor kid is being pulled in a lot of directions right now, though, and I don’t want to add to that stress. Just watch for these changes, for those that follow that site; you should have some really cool results to look forward to….

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