Saturday Ramblings

Well, howdy folks! I’ll bet you’re wondering where I’ve been…well, just here. I’ve been part of a carpool since May, and that’s pretty much limited my website/email/genealogy/blog accessability to about an hour every Saturday morning. Now, anyone who knows me knows that my brain function is pretty non-existant between the hours of 6am and 10am, so you can see how I’d get all fascinated by the pretty pictures in the copious amounts of spam that I receive, and just completely forget about everything else. ANYWAY, the carpool is pretty much kaput for now, so I get to enjoy the internet a lot more, and I may be able to get little times like these when I can make long, rambly posts about absolutely nothing and everything. Just think of it as an online afternoon drive down the Devil’s Backbone (aka RR 32 outside of San Marcos) on a hot summer afternoon with the AC on. Lots of pretty views, but not a whole lot of content to survive in that environment.

Where to start? I still don’t have the family tree up (the offline one with all my freaking research so carefully documented on it). So I have this faboo FTM ver 11 (thanks Mom and Daddy!!!!) sitting on the shelf gathering dust until I can get it up and running. Now I hear all you smarties in the background asking “Gee, C., didn’t you have a backup?”. YES I DID. It got FUBARed with all the rest of the files and several workbooks and documents in one fell swoop of the uninstall function. I think I lost a few IQ points in that as well.

Now let me assure you: the fabulous Linkstation that all this info was on was not to fault at all, I just severely misunderstood the very simple instructions that I was given, and screwed it all up. In fact, the folks at Buffalo Tech have been extremely supportive (bless you Sven and J) and have gone above and beyond in trying to recover it – I really wish that I had saved the picture that J emailed me of the Linkstation in pieces on Sven’s desk. Let me just assure you that thing has every document, workbook, pdf, etc. so it’s pretty precious cargo. I’ve never seen anything like the storage capacity on it. I’d get another one, but we haven’t even used a third of the available space.

Ok, now I’m sounding like a walking (typing?) advertisement for Buffalo Tech, so I’m going to go back to what I do best and be a walking (typing?) advertisement for my handsome brother, the brilliant and handsome Photomatt. 🙂

Matt, babydoll, you really need to show me how to use some of the wonderful toys that you’ve added to WordPress when you updated me to the new version! I’ve no idea what have of this stuff does, but it looks really groovy!! And while you’re at it, you can show me how to add my own photolog, to do those little blurblets (not a bad word for one that I just made up) that you do on Photomatt, and tell me why, every time I use one of the utilities in the toolbar (aka str, em, link, etc.) the darn program scrolls me back to the top of my post (it’s very frustrating). Oh! and you can also show me how to spellcheck, manage the gallery on………well, lets just say that I have a “honey do” list for you a million miles long, and you, honey, are just too far away!!! 🙂 I’ll consider your assistance in this – making my sites even a tenth as cool as yours – just compensation for teaching you how to drive (HOV lanes notwithstanding) both standard and automatic, how to get soot out of your carpet (did that work?) and how to steam.

Ok, I’ve typed enough on this darn thing, and until I get my own laptop (ahem), it does not behoove me to sit here tip-tapping away when I could be at Seattle’s Best finishing the new book series that J has gotten me hooked on (Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books – and before you ask, yes, I think that James Marsters should play him, I’m just not as fanatic as some people) , sipping a Javakula, and being so proud of myself because I spent $.04 less than I would have at Starbucks (love that blog, by the way)….

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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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