Well, the job’s doing ok, and is a little less scary than I imagined. I think, once the dust clears, that I’ll be able to do this pretty much without too much trouble. In fact, I think that I’ll be able to do this, and still have time to help out with charge entry (my old job, which I kinda miss). Of course, only in the “I’m going to steer away from the really boring batches” fashion. 🙂

Congratulations to Mel! I knew that you were the woman for the job! I’m just glad that someone listened for once, and they gave it to you!!!!

Well, I think all this good news deserves a sweet tea, so I’m heading over to the local drive thru to get one – God help me, they opened one 2 blocks from my house….

….and, I’m going to be doing much daydreaming about the Stargate game this weekend. I can’t WAIT to see what J throws at us this time. I haven’t finished my report for the last game yet, but I’ve been so busy reading the Dresden Chronicles that I haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe I’ll do it later this evening.

BTW, I suggest that you check out those links above. The Stargate RPG is a FUN system – I think it’s more fun because I like the series – and the Dresden Chronicles are deliciously, unapolgeticly 40’s pulp noir and really funny. I’ll have to write y’all a review when I’m not fabulously late for work!!!

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