Check this out!!!

I ran into this from a link on my brother’s blog. He had a link to the Technorati 100, which he was a part of – yay Matt for making # 3! Anyway, number 21 was, of all things, a site for Wil Wheaton. I thought that I was going nuts, or that it was a different guy, but it was definately Wil Wheaton. I was pretty blown away. I thought that I would put it up here so that you guys can see it, and support the guy, who I really haven’t seen much of since Star Trek TNG left the air (not that I have my thumb on the pulse of all things Hollywood) . Go Wil, with your bad self!

Update: I just called my brother so that he could explain Pingbacks to me – he’s my guide to Geekdom – and he tells me that you have to link to a specific post. I thought “well, I ought to do that b/c Wil is such a cool guy to stick his life out there.” Soooo, I read through the logs, picked out my favorite one, and found that will even had a nifty little utility that gives you the URI…I don’t know, I thought it was cool. Ah, wait, that’s for Trackback, not Pingback. Gonna have to call Matt again.

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