Fast food just slowed down for me!

Ordinarily, when I talk about a food establishment, I'm usually ranting – or raving – about their service or their dishes.  Today, I want to talk for a minute about a website; specifically Wendy's Hamburgers.

Those of you that know me, know that I don't like hamburger joints for a variety of reasons related to my allergies to beef and pork:

  1. there's not much for me to eat, and what I can eat is usually dry and tasteless
  2. they cross contaminate their food
  3. I used to live in Mexico – your standards for kitchen cleanliness go through quite a revamping after that

This also adversely affects my appetite for BBQ and Mexican food, earning me the label of a Picky Eater. My poor brother suffers greatly for this as all he wants to eat when he comes to town is either Rudy's (mmmm….creamed corn), Southside BBQ, or Post Oak Ranch,

Anyway, I hate having to eat out at work, because all I have is the usual fast food places.  Today, I had to depend on Mel to grab me some food, so I went to the Wendy's website to figure out what they had to eat.  Boy, was I surprised!  Not only does the restaurant have a fully interactive menu, but once you choose what you want, you can then click on the Nutrition Info button and tailor make your entire meal. As if that wasn't enough, you can add and detract from the materials included and really have all the information about what you're doing to your heiney!

For instance, I got the ultimate grilled chicken sandwich with a baked potato (half for tomorrow) and a cup of mandarin oranges. I know full well that I'm getting 760 calories, and 8 grams of fat, 133 carbs, and 41 grams of protein.  Additionally, I know that I'm getting 170% of my RDA of Vitamin C, 15% of my vitamin A, 25% of my calcium, and 40% of my iron.

I know it's going straight for my thighs, but it be good for me as it goes!!!  Enjoy the site!

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