Matthew the Monopoly King

img_01442.jpgMatthew is the best brother ever! There has never been a better brother in all of the universe. All other siblings are jealous of the handsome, talented, creative, and charming brother that I have. He is a constant delight, and makes me laugh when no one else can.

(I should note here that this blog post was part of the stipulation allowing me to forfeit my losing Monopoly game with a little bit of dignity)

I mean, look at this gorgeous blog that he made me (and finally moved to Look at the handsome fellow in the attached picture. Look at all the money that he has, and that was early in the game! We love love LOVE Matthew, and will continue to give him back scratches and occasionally make him King Ranch Chicken, just because he let us walk away from that game!!!

Of course, I still kicked his butt on Wii Bowling!!! 🙂 Love, C

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