Catching up on stuff…

Ok, am back out of the hospital – thanks to everyone for the flowers, and the lovely words, and the sign that Aden made to welcome me home (picture later? Camera’s upstairs…).  I’m off of work for a good while, so text me if you get bored.

Trog, this is where I live!  Thank you for the lovely comment – so sorry to hear about your recent health issues.  It’s a bit odd to be talking to you from “beyond the grave” as Lily is quite dead, but well have to do a res on her, and bring her back soon for an occasional game.  I heard you stopped eating crackers and lost about 200 lbs of whine weight (I’m hoping you’re smiling at that, if you’re not, it’s the morphine talking). Do you have a texting client?  I’ll email you again to ask, but if you do, you should send it to me.  Sorry about missing your visit, lots of hugs, and I hope to see you again soon!!

Mr. Puhls, I just walked in, but I should be able to help you with that research soon – thank you for your interest. I’ll contact you soon.

Lots of love to everyone, thank you again for all your well wishes!!!  Hugs to al!!!

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1 Response to Catching up on stuff…

  1. Trog says:

    That is good to hear, sorry I missed your trip, I had intended to add to the array of flowers, instead I have been runing around with family, and apparently causing all kinds of other trouble 🙂

    Well I will have to get working on that Rez, right now all I got is speak with the dead 🙂

    Glad you hear that you made it out, call me evening if you want also, my spell refreshes after 8pm or so 🙂

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