Learning HTML & XHTML

Learning HTML & XHTML

This is me working on learning HTML, XHTML and CSS. This is a work in progress, so forgive me if it comes out oddly. I will keep everyone updated as I learn stuff in this programming language. I wonder, does it ever wrap text?

Apparently, IE adds the wrap for me, but I would hate to depend on this functionality, as Firefox, Netscape or Opera may have a problem with this. It’s pretty easy stuff, as you can imagine, I’ve just never had to sit down and learn it, and this recovery period has given me just that opportunity.

BTW, the reason that there’s two headers is because I’m practicing working with header text.

So, this was written entirely in HTML (as I watch my mom’s cat, Nola, frolic in my bed covers). I hope y’all enjoy this process as much as I do, be assured, there will be updates!!

After this, I intend to move on to PHP and MySQL. Wish me luck and patience, as I will require both to complete this journey…

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3 Responses to Learning HTML & XHTML

  1. Arun says:

    Good luck! You’re quite right about needed both luck and patience.

  2. Arun says:

    I mean, you’re quite right about needing* both luck and patience. Perseverance is very important, especially with PHP/MySQL.

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