Simple joys have a simple voice/ That says “time is living’s prize”

I know it’s from Pippin; geez louise, folks, I really enjoyed that play! (I only hope that I got the lyric right…)

Howdy world!!! I’m having a grand ol’ time at Opal Divine’s Marina, looking over MoPac (and bluebonnets!!!) and eating the best cracked pepper fries in the world. I feel very strongly about this. Especially when they’re paired with the chipotle sauce, and a Granny Smith Woodchuck cider. Simple joys, I know, hence the title of the post; but if you’d had the week that I had, you’d want some simple things too. Let’s just say that it started with a perforated eardrum, and has only gone downhill since then.

But not tonight. Tonight I have put a stop to the slide, and am going to enjoy a nice quiet dinner, do a little surfing, head to HEB, pick up some dog food, and head home. I was going to clean, but then I remembered that I have episodes of BSG and The Black Donnelly’s waiting for me.

I know that many of dig BSG, but what does everyone think of The Black Donnelly’s? What about The Riches? I find them both strangely addictive, but I’d be more likely to drop tBD; I just can’t seem to get enough of Eddie Izzard’s Wayne – he’s just hypnotic, even though that accent just weirds me out every time he speaks, I’m just so used to his natural accent, that I have to do a reset at the beginning of each episode. And Minnie Driver’s Dahlia is terrifying, I just feel like she’s going to explode all over those children and her hubby, at any second.

Ok, I’m going back to my dinner now, and the wonderful Opal Divine’s service…

Oh! If you happen to drop in, (and you know who you are) I’m in the corner, behind the Vaio covered in WordPress stickers

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