Day 5

Well, I couldn’t miss blogging today, no matter how busy I am – it’s Matt’s birthday!!!!!  Yay!!!!  I wish you all the happiness that this year can possibly bring you, my darling brother – and that your dreams come to fruition as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now call me, brat!

Ok, I think that I’ve actually reached my quota for exclamation points today.  On to other stuff before I wear you guys out.

I made it to Katy safe and sound this morning.  I managed to hang with Daddy a bit, and then ran over to the mechanics shop and sat for several hours. My breaks were making a really loud squeak in the back.  They took everything apart, and put it back together all over again, and declared nothing wrong.  Apparently the old pads used to be made of asbestos, then someone decided that this was bad for the environment (much to the annoyance of every mechanic that I’ve talked to), so the auto parts industry has been experimenting with new materials – none of which seem to be as quiet or to work as well as the asbestos one.  That’s really frustrating, but understandable; I don’t want to negatively impact the environment any more than I already do, but I must admit that the squeak is loud enough to be very embarrassing, and I’m so tired of every male I know telling me to get it fixed – which is just because they care about me and my well being, so I guess I should really say that I’m tired of explaining over and over that yes, I really did take the car to several mechanics about this, and that they all really did say it was fine.

I’m not wasting my money on it anymore, so I guess that I’ll just script out the explanation 😉

I was there a good deal of time, but I scarcely noticed it. I’ve been sucked in by the highly addictive novel by Stephanie Meyer – Twilight.  It’s really good!!!  I can’t believe that I got tricked into reading it, but it *is* really good.  Oops – used exclamation points again. Damn….

Well, I’ve stolen my Mom’s Mac to write this, so I’d better give it back (I had forgotten that I was on a Mac and was wondering why my copy and paste shortcuts weren’t working – d’oh!).  She hadn’t read my pillow post yet, so I actually had sat down to just pull up the page, but then I realized that I hadn’t posted today, and I probably should just in case SOMEBODY actually decides to call me and ask me if I’ve lived up to my promise (or in case Donncha is checking on me again 🙂 ) TGIF, y’all!

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3 Responses to Day 5

  1. Donncha says:

    I’m subscribed, always watching over your shoulder! 🙂

  2. charleen says:

    Curses! Foiled again!!!!

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