Day 6 – short but sweet?

Yeah right, every time that I say that, I end up writing a novel!

I hope that everyone is doing well! I haven’t really gotten much done today. I woke up, ate, drank some coffee, and read New Moon (Stephanie Meyer again), laid on the couch, read some more, took a shower, read a little more, and then re-arranged my room.

And people wonder how I read so much. I only hope that I don’t finish this book before I get home to the third volume…

Tonight, we’re having a lovely dinner with Mom, Daddy, Larry, Wendy, and my Aunt Barbara. In fact, as soon as I finish this (and comb my hair), I’m heading downstairs to set the table. It’s been a really nice trip – very relaxing

Ok, I’m heading down – talk to all of you later!!!

Listening to: “Nadie Se Salva de la Rumba” Los Naranjos

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