Day 9

I ran across an interesting post today here.  The author was talking about being bored with what was on her iPod, and asking for suggestions to add to it.  I got about halfway through the suggestions, and then fled to Amazon and bought 5 albums.  It surprised me, because I don’t usually make snap purchases like that, but there were just so many good albums on the list that I’ve been thinking about buying that I just couldn’t resist.  Either way, I thought that the author had a really good idea in soliciting playlists, that I’m going to copy her.  Go ahead and drop some here in the comments – I’d love to hear what y’all are listening to!

I realized as I was leaving my comment on her blog, that I have started compartmentalizing my music. I broke it down earlier:

Work is easy, I usually listen to one of my many Pandora stations on Monday, Saturday and Sunday (if I work those days), when I’m on my own. I listen to XM’s Big Tracks (channel 49) or Top Tracks (channel 46) when Eddie is there, as we can both enjoy those stations. Interestingly, when I’m not there, Eddie listens to the 70’s station (channel 7) – which I cannot stay awake through – or Tejano. We spliced my speakers to both sides of the cubicle, so we tend to stick to music that we both like.

Matt stole my car in June, and put in a new stereo with an iPod jack for my birthday; my rigged up system was driving him nuts, and required me to carry my iPod everywhere (those video iPods can be heavy!). On this larger iPod, I have everything I could fit on the machine, including jazz, classical, country, several soundtracks from various TV shows, movies, and beaucoups musicals. This is not allowed in work. Everytime something of the above mentioned categories comes up, Eddie announces “What kind of blue plate special music are you playing?!?” One of these days, I’m just gonna throw something instead of changing the song! 😀 This is also the iPod that is on constant rotation at my parent’s house, especially since they got me a kick-butt speaker system for Christmas.

Jade got me an alarm for Christmas that plays the iPod, so I put my U2 iPod in there. It’s old, and doesn’t hold a charge anymore, so that’s the perfect place for it, as it’s constantly being charged. I love having a place to use it, because I adore that iPod…it was my first one (from Matt, of course), and it was the prettiest thing that I had ever seen. It was miserable just sitting in a drawer. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to change the music on it. You see, the alarm has an escalation feature, which is awesome on mornings where I have Alanis Morrisette or Ray Charles on there, but something like Mozart will wake every other person on the block before it wakes me.

My Shuffle has all the music that wakes me up, and gets me off my butt. I originally made it for riding my bike, but I’ve had to plug it in a lot to get through a work day when I just can’t get the lead out. ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” is essential, along with Pink’s “God Is a DJ”, Poe’s “Today is the Day”, Counting Crows’ “St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream”, and Maroon 5’s “Not Coming Home”.

Seriously, my tags are going to be CRAZY, so I’d better end this post (which I’ve been working on ALL DAY).  If you compartmentalize your music, you totally need to tell me about it below.  See y’all tomorrow!

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1 Response to Day 9

  1. Maxie says:

    Thanks for linking my post!

    I’ll be sure to check out the songs you left on my page and the ones you mentioned here!

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