Day 10 – minimum disclosure (MINOR spoilers for 24, season 6)

Watching 24, season 6, and I decided to have a list of ten points to celebrate the day.

WARNING: below this link, there are minor spoilers for season 6….

  1. Kiefer Sutherland keeps getting hotter as he keeps getting older
  2. Bashir is a terrorist?????????
  3. The Palmers are intent on world domination. You think I’m joking.
  4. Jack Bauer should be contractually obligated to climb low walls in every episode. In tight blue jeans. Please please please….
  5. Chloe needs Lexapro or Lithium or something else that starts with a “L” that cures Loghorrea
  6. You could hide a suitcase nuke in Walid’s chin…and perhaps half of LA
  7. No. More. Mountain. Lions. Ever.
  8. I wonder what Faith thinks of her boytoy becoming president?
  9. Obviously, CTU needs to screen their employees and put their ex-employees under full surveillance at all times. If Nina Meyers shows up again, I’m throwing this TV out the window never watching this show again writing a strongly worded letter to Fox Studios (which I swore that I would never watch again after Firefly, please don’t tell my fellow Browncoats).
  10. The writers of this show must really really really hate LA. And they don’t seem too fond of San Antonio or Baltimore either.

Why am I just watching season 6, you ask? First, my Dad was kind enough to lend it to me (freeing up 7 slots on my Netflix queue). Secondly, well…let’s just say that I would rather wait for months or years for the next season, than to stress out through commercials, or wait a week for the next episode. I have enough problems going to bed instead of watching this straight through – I should admit that I pretty much did watch the first season straight through, and it nearly killed me.

Also, I just saw some news on season 7 today here. Apparently, Fox is considering either holding season 7 until this time next year, or breaking it up into two 14 episode mini-seasons.

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