Say What? Day 11

I only have to remember to do this for 3 more days. Not that I mind chatting with you guys, but I can barely remember to but one foot in front of the other with any semblance of grace, much less to write a coherent post every day before midnight. (especially while trying to watch 24)

That being said, I had a very busy, if very uneventful day. I spent a lot of time coordinating the moving of various parts of my office and cleaning adhesive off of windows, desks and overhead cabinets. It all became super fun when the adhesive remover started melting the plastic knife that I was using.

I am looking forward to this weekend though, as I get to see some folks that I haven’t gotten to see in a while. Also, it’s Jade’s birthday party, so I get to give him his presents. I really love watching people open presents that I’ve picked up for them. I have a lot of fun picking things out for my friends and family, so it’s kind of like another present to me when they open them.

I’m only sorry that I wasn’t there where Matt opened his birthday presents this year. Mom said that she talked to him for a good while today (or yesterday?) and he said that he was really exited about them. I only got a quick IM conversation with him in which he was telling me how much he enjoyed them. Poor guy had to run directly to a meetup directly after I talked to him, so we didn’t get to chat for very long.

Well, I’m going to go go and turn my attention to the show again. I don’t want to miss Jack kick all these people’s asses…

Oh wait! I forgot to tell you that I saw a funny away message today: “When Jack Bauer files his taxes, he has to claim the whole world as dependents” Have a good one!!! XXOOXX

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2 Responses to Say What? Day 11

  1. Maxie says:

    Are you blogging for 14 days… sorry I don’t know the back story, lol.

    i’m doing blog365 and it’s driving me crazy already!

  2. charleen says:

    I lost a Monopoly game with my brother, Matthew ( One of the stipulations was that I had to blog every day for 2 weeks. It IS crazy, isn’t it?
    Thanks for stopping by, darlin’!!!

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