Day 13 – nothing going on, but no time to do it in

I feel like I’ve been running ragged all day, but have gotten very little done.

Truthfully, I’ve gotten a lot done. I went to work @ my Saturday job. Then I went to the coffee shop twice, stopped by Jade’s work, picked up a friend @ the house, and ate lunch. After that, it was off to the regular job for a few minutes, then off to pick up Jade’s birthday cake. Finally, I got to go home for a few minutes, before heading on out to dinner @ the Greek Pita House in Pflugerville.

Now I get to relax finally, secure in the knowledge that I have only one day more of this blogging every day 😛 Love you, Matt!!!

I just hate having to do this when I have nothing to say. However I’ve enjoyed the exercise; I don’t want y’all to think that I’m bitter about this.

Anyway, have a big day again tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what what’s going on. Talk to you soon!!

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