What a day of highs and lows!!

I think I’ll start with the lows, and end with a bang. I found out about PaleyFest in March having a Buffy Reunion, and I can’t make it!!!! Most of my faves in the cast are making it, and I was very surprised to see that even Sarah Michelle Gellar agreed to go. My only consolation is that the wonderful folks at Whedonesque will probably be there, covering Joss‘ every utterance, and posting the highlights on the site.

OMFG, I just saw a blog post that Kristen on E! wrote on Monday!!! It contains VERY SPOILERY VIDEOS for Lost – the second and the third are nothing exciting, but the first one turned my guts to water. I would NOT suggest watching the first one unless you are prepared to bite your nails vigorously until tomorrow. Just trust me when I say that something massive will become clear when the rains stop…enjoy them!

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