VPN and Vista woes, and some Office ramblings…

I’m getting the world’s weirdest errors with VPN and Vista. Something about it not being able to negotiate the security policies. I even tried running it as XP.  My works IS department says they can’t help me because they don’t support Vista.  Surely one of my five readers has an idea????  I really don’t want to have to carry two laptops every time I go out of town, and I’m not ready to admit defeat on Vista yet.

I also demo-ed the new Office for a bit, and loved it,  but ended up going back to the Office XP Pro. I really didn’t see the point in upgrading for two reasons:

1. None of my professors will accept papers in anything above the XP Pro.

2. I can never remember where the bloody save button is!!!!!!!!!

So, I don’t think that I’ll be making that purchase.

Many hugs to y’all!

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