My horoscope for today

From Yahoo: There is an exciting surprise coming your way, right about now, so get ready to have your daily routine knocked on its ear! You have been waiting for an excuse to ditch your plans for the day, and now you’ve got it. You have learned to be flexible in the face of chaos, and you will have a great time zigging and zagging throughout this day. People will be impressed, and there’s no doubt they will try to pry your secrets out of you. Tell them it’s just a special knack you have.

The person that writes thier horoscopes must have a talent for exteme understatements. There was a derailment of my day – sure; more like the freaking train ran off a cliff.

From Google: If you are called to play the role of mediator today, don’t back down just because you don’t know how much you will be able to help. Instead, do what you do best and be a caring listener. Just stay present and honestly tell others what you think. Your attentiveness to everyone’s needs can make a big difference.

Yeah, that made a big freaking difference.  I’m afraid that no amount of listening was going to make a difference at all. Ever.

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