We’re not going to Guam are we?

No matter how bad the day, there’s alway someone who’s got it worse.  And despite it all, I’ve still got a few things:

My faith



My Education

Grace – with a capital ‘G’

My ability to keep learning

My critters


My cars and my house and my blog

I’m a natural blonde; I have hair that people pay thousands for

Tomorrow the sun will rise and set for me.

These are not always things that make me happy, but they are every freaking reason that I wake up in the morning. They are in no particular order.

Thanks, :-*

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2 Responses to We’re not going to Guam are we?

  1. K mellenweg says:

    Babe! Guam?

  2. roy says:

    Its easy to forget about other people’s problems, and focus only on yourself when the crap hits the fan.

    I try to be aware that I am fortunate to have every thing that I have. I’m thankful for everything. I’ve never had any health problems, like cancer, I have all my limbs…

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