Testing galleries, and the rumors are true…

I now have 20/15 vision, and I’m very much noticing in the ways that I’m processing color and light.  I’m not joking.  My mother always talked about her blue ceilings. but I didn’t think that were that blue until yesterday. I spent about an hour roaming the garden this morning before the parents woke up looking at the flowers, and supressing an extreme desire to whip out the D90, and take about 6,000 pictures. I am currently running about 9 months behind on posting pictures, so here’s the deal – I’m going to test the gallery feature, and see about posting the bulk of the pics here, and just highlights on Flickr.  Feel free to tell me what you think.

BTW, I realize that I haven’t turned on threaded comments yet, but I have never gotten more than 4 comments at a time, so there’s really no point.  Looks nice, though!

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