Still working on Galleries…

But now I’ve got a real one to work with!  It doesn’t work AT ALL like I think it should, but it is a start.

Gardens and Exterior Shots – Winchester Mystery House

I’ll be sure to let you know when I get it to where I want it to be…

This gallery is a little different in that it is also published in it’s entirety on my flickr account; the rest of my pictures will have a full gallery here and a few select shots on flickr.

(BTW – the Flickr acct isn’t finished b/c I was getting errors with the uploader, but that should be fixed soon)

Be expecting a good deal of photos in the coming weeks as I am now 11 months behind in posting and want to catch up.  Also, please let me know what you think of the shots.  If you hate them, say so – I will not get to be a better photographer if I only have my feedback to work with.

I will say, I think this crimson poppy is a real standout in this set; Matt and I picked the perfect time to go to the Winchester Mystery House


Red Poppy




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6 Responses to Still working on Galleries…

  1. Matt says:

    You should do galleries as a post, not as a page.

    • charleen says:

      I would love to – I think I’m just missing a vital part of this concept! I really love how you have a page of galleries, and was trying to emulate that.
      We can work on it mid-may-ish, I think that we may be in the same house at a couple points there, and would love to delve more into this. ❤ CM

  2. Lloyd Budd says:

    charleen, what a tease! I had to make the poppy image larger above — I trust you don’t mind. I found some bugs (no not the insect kind, the software kind) to report back on.

    I’d also be very interested in what challenges you encountered uploading and using image features. See you at the next WordCamp SF? 😉

    • charleen says:

      Lloyd – I heard that you and Donncha were kind enough to help me out with all the flubs that I made on this post and with the gallery; thank you both so much for the help. I’m afraid that you both spoil me.
      The funny thing is that I was just telling my mom about your son learning to walk at WCSF. I still have yet to post THOSE pictures as I was so busy on flickr geo-tagging every picture that I took on the 49 mile tour of SF from the trip BEFORE this one… I’m so behind…
      The problems that I was having? Well, on certain firewall heavy connections (*ahem*) the flash uploader crashes, and takes Windows with it in this fiery cataclysm that culminates in the blue screen of death. So I would not recommend it. Also, when I would go and upload 75 pictures at once, it took for-blooming-ever to do. This problem has been addressed, and the upload zooms by so fast it makes me dizzy.
      Matt suggested that I upload less photos. Considering that I have been known to take over a thousand pictures in a day, I thought that 75 pictures at a time was the soul of brevity 🙂
      Thanks again!

      • Lloyd Budd says:

        Wow, that crashing issue is really bad! I’m guessing you’ve made sure to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed?

        I tend to upload photos in smaller batches. I max at about 10 (if higher resolution), because uploading (anything to any website) really slows down the internet connection anyway, and I can’t do other stuff.

        Sorry, that my response isn’t more fantastic.

    • charleen says:

      I forgot –
      Thank you for enlarging the poppy picture – it looks gorgeous!
      I don’t know if I’m going to be @ WCSF 2010, but I certainly hope to be – I had a blast at the last one, met new and old friends, got a lot of tutoring for my schoolwork, had a lovely long weekend with the brother, and got to try Peet’s Coffee for the first time!

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