Notice something new?

Well, that’s because my darling brother has been helping me realize my vision for the site.

Why is he doing this when WordPress is so super easy to use? Because he designed the original blog years ago when it was not as easy, and I was not going to change it without working with him; I did not want to change a work of art without the artist’s buy-in.

Why did this change (and why will it continue changing)? I have had the tremendous luck of either meeting, being exposed to, or being related to some amazingly talented photobloggers, which has shaped the direction that I want to carry this blog going forward.

Any other reasons? I’ve had the same design for almost 6 years, and getting a new design with old elements is just a nice treat for the sixth birthday (May 25th).

Anything else that I can look forward to? Good question.  I think that you might see some more posts, now that WP has begun their post by email option, and God only knows what I willl learn at the Wordcamp San Francisco.

Now I get to ask a question: what do **you** think?

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5 Responses to Notice something new?

  1. Matt says:

    I like it. 😉

    • charleen says:

      Of course you like it – you came up with it! I like it because it’s more versatile; although I’m sure you can tell that I sort of rigged the Wordcamp thingamadoolies up top. I had no idea how to really add them. I like the way they came out though!
      I miss you already… :-*

  2. Lloyd Budd says:

    I mostly read your blog from my feed reader, so I can’t remember what it looks like. I do enjoy this theme.

    I can’t wait to finally meet you and for you to meet my family at WordCamp SF!

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