Oh happy day!!!!

DOLLHOUSE GOT RENEWED!!!!!!!!  Yay, Yahoo and oooooooooooooweeeeeee! (to quote Maurissa)

Here’s Ausiello

And then Kristen

The lovely Maureen Ryan – “A Good Day For Unconventional Television: Dollhouse Renewed

End of Show

And finally, the Live Feed

Oh, just for an extra shot of Whedony goodness, Castle got renewed as well.

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7 Responses to Oh happy day!!!!

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  2. Matt says:

    That’s good news 🙂 I’m glad they’re going to give Joss some time to get the story really going. You can tell he’s going somewhere with the story (just has he always does).

  3. oops… server when knutts. please delete one. smootches.

    • charleen says:

      Nope, I’m keeping them all so that the world knows as well as I do what a dork you are. I can’t believe that you showed up just to Squee? What does your wife think of this, hmmm???
      smootches back at you, darling. It’s nice to know that I still have a reader while mom’s computer is fracked. hugs to you and herself.

  4. What wonderful news!!! Even if I am getting it a bit late – and seeing the froohaha that transpired around it a bit late! Ha! Glad to see the update here!

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