WordCamp San Francisco & WordPress Birthday Party

I have had so much fun this weekend, and it would be a horrible shame if I didn’t share them with all 3 of my readers. 🙂 So here’s a quick rundown:

Friday:  After work, I took a much delayed but lovely Jet Blue flight.  I arrived in the evening, got to meet the charming Anton, had a Wild Turkey burger at Mel’s Diner, and then went to see my Matt and get settled in.

Saturday: Went to WordCamp San Francisco, enjoyed it immensely. Met some lovely and extremely talented people.  Hung out with Matt for a bit, got to see 30 Rock for the first time, and then went to the WordPress birthday party. Loved that, met more lovely and extremely talented people, talked, talked and talked some more!!!

Sunday:…resulting in me waking up with “party girl voice” on Sunday morning.  Met with Batty and her adorable family, and drove over to San Mateo.  Had lunch at this lovely pub right by the convention area, and then went to the Maker Faire. We had so much fun, and a little too much sun!

Monday (Today): I was on my own for a while today, as my darling Matt had to go to work. I walked to The Crossroads and had a relaxing brunch outside, of a turkey sandwich, a salad, coffee and gingerbread.  I worked on school for a while, then walked to the bay…well, sort of – I walked to a little store who’s front door opened to the bay.

That brings us to a current state – it’s been just lovely.  I want to say hello to all of the folks who have been so welcoming and kind to me while I was here.

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6 Responses to WordCamp San Francisco & WordPress Birthday Party

  1. Cris says:

    Aww.. I wish I was at the WordCamp and the WordPress birthday party. I would love to meet talented people who share the same passion as I have and have long chitchats about everything under the sun. Regretted not being there.

  2. Dave Curlee says:

    Hey there Charleen. It was nice meeting you at WordCamp. You still coming up for WordCamp Dallas? Hope so. Looking forward to it!

    • charleen says:

      Hi again, Dave!!! I most certainly am coming up for WordCamp Dallas, and have everything worked out. I will definately seee y’all there – we’ll have to do lunch or something!

  3. i happen to step into this blog, i just had to say i really like it !
    u got yourself a reader !
    thank you:)

  4. Lloyd Budd says:

    It was awesome finally meeting you! Looking forward to when we next cross paths — and my son is walking 😉

    • charleen says:

      It was totally great to finally meet you as well! I was really enjoying watching him try to toddle around with that confusing balloon – his hair flopping around and those big big eyes…There’s nothing like a child to bring even the most jaded to joy. Thank you and your wife so much for bringing him!!
      I have a feeling that when we next cross paths, we’ll all be chasing him everywhere! 🙂

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