I wonder if it will catch on?

I was listening to the BBC podcasts, like I do every day, and I just struck upon something that I loved: Jean Seton and John Humphrys were discussing the George Orwell archives from when he worked at the BBC, and they gave the address as “…BBC dot co dot uk stroke archive stroke Orwell.”
Being currently in classes for software engineering, I am tired of saying ‘forward slash’ – I’m going to try staying ‘stroke’ instead, and see how it fits into my vocabulary…and whether I can keep a straight face while saying it.
In the meantime, I’m hoping that the podcasts continue to use recordings from the Parliamentary debates (discussions?) as I love the people verbally reacting to everything that is said. They get so vocal!

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5 Responses to I wonder if it will catch on?

  1. I will join you. We shall overcome!

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  3. Lloyd Budd says:

    I’m also feeling the stroke!

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