What Role Playing Games Can Teach You About Business

My father never sends me articles, so when he sent me one on 10 Business Lessons I Learned From Dungeons and Dragons today, I took notice.

(this led to further links like Everything I Know I’ve Learnt (sic) From D&D and Object-Oriented Programming Concepts in Java, Explained with D&D – of which that latter one will prove VERY useful in about a month when I start my Java class!!!!)

I really enjoyed this article, and made a pretty substantial comment, but you’d have to dig through, and they might not have approved me yet, so here’s what I learned about business (and life) from D&D (and other tabletop RPG’s)

1. If you’re feeling insecure, find a place to thrive where there’s little competition, build a support group, and build your self-esteem from there.
2. If you don’t like something about yourself, spend XP to change it – don’t like that flaw that you have of sending emails without thinking (for example)? You have to work to fix it.
3. Learn to appreciate creativity in others, and look for it everywhere – these will be the people that will build the future.  Learn from them, and learn to work with them.
4. You are not the smartest person in the room.  If you consistently feel that you are, you are not challenging yourself. Time to find a new group (or job) or you will NEVER be happy.  (This one goes out the window if you have a personality disorder)
5. It takes all kinds – bring different skill sets into your group, and nurture those who are building their skill set. Everyone laughs at the bard until the rest of the party is disabled by the sonic attack.  IRL, Everyone ignores the file clerk until they need something RIGHT NOW;  kindness and support sown now will always bear fruit for you later.
6. Always have a backup concept and/or character and/or skill and/or job ready as we are ALL dependent on a roll of the dice.
7. Never underestimate the value of an entertaining tale. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved my bacon. I use this skill regularly whenever my boss gets stressed; if I can make her laugh, everything will be ok.

Finally, I want to expand on one the author brought up: Feed the GM.  That’s a bit narrow minded for my taste.  I firmly believe that you never really know someone until you have  a meal with them.  If you have made that meal with your own hands, it’s even more special. So, feed all the people that you work and play with, whenever you have the luxury to do so.

Thank you! CM

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2 Responses to What Role Playing Games Can Teach You About Business

  1. Mimi says:

    Hey Charlie – it’s Mimi. You linked to your blog awhile back, I bookmarked it and promptly forgot about it. :/ Saw the bookmark today, and I think it was fate that I read this post. This hit home. well said, and well learned! 😀

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