I must be getting old…

As I sit here, and eat my (98% fat free turkey) hot dog with (red) onions, (25% reduced sodium) muenster cheese, (horseradish stone ground) mustard and ketchup on a (whole wheat 7 grain) bun with my bowl of (vegetarian honey) baked beans,  I’m beginning to wonder about something: when did my food get so many parenthesis?  Is this a sign of my advancing age?

p.s. I’m glad that I decided to re-watched Glee, I didn’t realize there were extra SONGS in it. Holy crapola – I’m re-downloading from iTunes to get THIS version!!!! I’m sure that Fox can use the publicity, so here’s a fun pic to add with all respect to to it’s license holders (Fox, etc.) and the TV show that it’s for (which is lovely).

Rachel and Quinn

Rachel and Quinn

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3 Responses to I must be getting old…

  1. Lloyd Budd says:

    I think it may be just a sign of the times. We know too much about the ingredients in the things we love, and so seek alternatives that satisfy us intellectually, but not our real appetite.

    J and I laughed today as a all fruit product’s box advertised no trans fats — what all fruit products ever have fat?!

  2. Marcy says:

    What? No organic ketchup?

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