The Dollhouse and the Rossum Corporation

Wow, this is a really awesome viral campaign!

Rossum Corporation launched a web site in apparent reaction to Senator Perrin’s Senate investigation of both the corporation, and the allegations of a Dollhouse (or Dollhouses). According to Whedonesque, when the Rossum contact number is called, and a message left, you will receive a message imploring you to “ditch the tech”.

The wicked smart poster (Dev – name, not function) then went back to the web, and searched the phrase…and found this truly eerie site. If you open up the link at the bottom, there’s a few little posters to paste around town, and possibly highly confuse folks 🙂

Finally, commenter Arison noticed a link leading to a site called Wipe the Future. This site seems to have to most activity, since it said only “Soon” this morning when Arison saw it, and it says “ROSSUM KNOWS THAT YOU KNOW.” now.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Topher, than are dreamt of in your Dollhouse.

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