Funny post that you need to see

Did you ever read the email story about the kid, the Chapstick and the cat? You know the one if you’ve seen it, in one of its five million iterations on the web.  I get it regularly as I struggle with my ongoing addiction to lip balm,

I  can quit anytime

Lip balm at hand

as my friends think its funny to torture me.  Well, one day I looked up the story to send to a friend, and was delighted to find that the original woman who wrote the story (as a submission to a Suave promotion) lives here in Austin, and blogs (on WordPress) as txmomof3. I started following her (of course!), and ran across this hilarious video of her appearances (or rather, lack of appearances) on Ellen.  She warns you that the video is a tad lengthy, but it is worth it.

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1 Response to Funny post that you need to see

  1. Donna says:

    totally worth 10 minutes of my life. 🙂

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