The weirdest flight ever…

I just heard of nice visual flight locating website called Hipmunk, and ended up finding the weirdest flight ever.  My January vacation plans/graduation gift to myself of a cruise with family bombed quite sadly, so I was halfhearted-ly thinking of places that I could take myself as a consolation prize.  I plugged in Dublin, Ireland, as Matt and I had such fun there, and it was a place that I wouldn’t mind visiting again (with a much better camera!). The service spit this out as one of the options.  Despite it being the ass-backwards way of going to Ireland, I’m actually half considering it as I have always wanted to go to Seattle, Iceland might be interesting, I love London, and then I end up in Dublin!  As much as I love flying, I think it might be fun to spend two days traveling.  I wonder what plugging in Cairo would get me?


Update: Most of the Cairo flights offered me layovers in Houston or Chicago/east coast spots and London or Amman.  Some offered me a layovers in Rome or Athens.  My favorite for exciting layovers on the way to Cairo: Moscow.

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