Snow has started falling (on my blog), and I realized that December has just appeared out of nowhere!  I’m running so late on so many things.  Christmas cards, presents, the tree, plans for a graduation trip, hospital openings, the bits of pieces of homework that I have left…It’s enough to make a girl go batty!

On the upside, we had the most wonderful thanksgiving – it was very restful and fun.  Most of the usual suspects were there, saving one who was happily traveling, and very much in touch (though much missed!!).  I didn’t get to spend as much time with my darling brother as I wanted to, but I’m greedy like that, and the time that I did get to spend with him was full of laughter and fun and lots of turkey sandwiches (my own secret combination of ingredients; if you sweet talk me, I might share).

Plus, we got the tree up on time, thanks to strongmen Matt and Daddy! I wasn’t tall enough to push, so I stood on the other side and pulled.  It looks so pretty and tall and finally in its proper place! We forgot to put the star on top before putting it up again, so someone’s going to have to get to the top of a ladder and leeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnn…

OK, I’ve got to get back to schoolwork.  Many hugs, everyone!

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