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A Mental Roller Coaster Ride… or Toilet Paper, Toilet Paper, My Kingdom for Some Toilet Paper

I’d write something clever, but I’m STILL laughing… A Mental Roller Coaster Ride… or Toilet Paper, Toilet Paper, My Kingdom for Some Toilet Paper.

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Insufficient Matts

This captcha caught my eye today:  

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Snow has started falling (on my blog), and I realized that December has just appeared out of nowhere!  I’m running so late on so many things.  Christmas cards, presents, the tree, plans for a graduation trip, hospital openings, the bits … Continue reading

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The weirdest flight ever…

I just heard of nice visual flight locating website called Hipmunk, and ended up finding the weirdest flight ever.  My January vacation plans/graduation gift to myself of a cruise with family bombed quite sadly, so I was halfhearted-ly thinking of … Continue reading

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Musings on storage

I have been pondering online backup for months now, as my brother suggested it might be a good way to prevent data loss in a crash (like the one I had several months ago with my Seagate drive; crash, update, … Continue reading

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I like my iPhone plenty.  What I don’t like is having to reload everything on it every two weeks.

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Class of 1950

I was thinking of my Gram a lot today, then a cousin sent this over. The picture is missing her infectious smile, but I love it all the same. I’d never seen it before, and am glad to have this … Continue reading

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Census commentary

This was taken from the August 11, 2010 newsletter, the RootsWeb Review (Vol. 13, No. 8), and it gave me the giggles: This was written in the margin of the 1803 Census for Oglethorpe County Georgia, Capt Parmenas English District. … Continue reading

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Montreal – Quartier des Spectacles 7/17/10

I went to visit my darling brother in Montreal a few weekends ago, and I’m going to be posting a few pictures from it over the next few weeks. Here’s the first few from the Quartier des Spectacles, and nearby.

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Is it really July?

Have I really not posted in two months?  Boy, am I going to hear about that this weekend! On the up side, I completely changed my look, and added a badge all on my very lonesome, so I should get … Continue reading

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