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It’s been a while since I’ve done this

So have some patience with me.  I figured that I’d try out my new batch photo editing software, so you’ll have to let me know how you like the watermarks.  In the meantime, I squeezed in a shoot at Union … Continue reading

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Pardon me while I Gleek out

New Glee sneak peek!!!!!  Best line? “We’re glitterati; I feel like Lady Gaga!” See it here…

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Happy Valentine’s to me!

I thought y’all would enjoy this.  I’d like to point out that the person that gave me the phalaenopsis was so confident in my ability to kill an orchid that they gave it to me in a reusable container! 😀 … Continue reading

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Funny post that you need to see

Did you ever read the email story about the kid, the Chapstick and the cat? You know the one if you’ve seen it, in one of its five million iterations on the web.  I get it regularly as I struggle … Continue reading

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So Much Going On!!!

I haven’t made time to write!!! On the upside, everything is on the up-side 😀 I like staying busy, and although it gets a little stressful, I love the direction that my life is heading, so I’m willing to put … Continue reading

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Well, we know who the real twit is…

Honestly, I run into the weirdest things by reading Whedonesque… Lets talk about Felicia Day and Twitter. Felicia is known for the webseries The Guild, and for being one of the Potentials/Slayers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  but I noticed … Continue reading

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It’s Snowing!!!

Well it was! Not just on my blog, either.  When I woke up this morning (late), and took the dog out, I heard the tip tip of  tiny raindrops, and saw that they were actually little snowflakes 🙂 I bring … Continue reading

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I really love Flickr and it’s support of various kinds of Creative Commons licensing, which I’ve used to share my photos with various websites.  My favorite site that I’ve shared with lately is Oddly Specific, which I heard about at … Continue reading

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The Dollhouse and the Rossum Corporation

Wow, this is a really awesome viral campaign! Rossum Corporation launched a web site in apparent reaction to Senator Perrin’s Senate investigation of both the corporation, and the allegations of a Dollhouse (or Dollhouses). According to Whedonesque, when the Rossum … Continue reading

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Final Update on the Drive

They did it!!!!  The Geek Squad rescued all my data!!!! They’re mailing it back to me on a portable drive.  I ❤ the Geek Squad. I ❤ Seagate, too.  I checked on them, and they were really laid back.  Don’t … Continue reading

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