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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

Thoughts on Veronica Mars

***Spoiler Alert: There are Spoilers for season one here, but not season two, I will warn you before I head into spoiler territory*** Lemme just take a few minutes to tell you about the best show on network TV since…well, … Continue reading

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Bullet points

I'm sure that my three readers are sitting around scratching thier heads wondering what is up with me and lists lately, but I have a boss at work that just loves bullet points. I'm not used to writing that way, … Continue reading

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Random Lists…

I will die happy if I never had to deal with these things again ID Card Scanners Bills – both the proper and improper nouns People expecting me to be a !#$%^&* mind reader Old servers – both of them!!!!! … Continue reading

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Pondering the world…

Why is it that I get exhausted at the thought of sitting in front of my computer for a couple of hours, but I can blow 4 hours making a dream gift registry at one store?

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Superman Returns, in short (no spoilers)

In short, Superman Returns was very good. I had the day off, so I decided to check it, despite my opinion of Singers previous comic book adaptations. I thought that it had some continuity issues, as Bosworth's lipstick keeps changing … Continue reading

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Still drooling

I just found the import and export features – this ROCKS!!!

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Well, I have a lot of news, and a very  short time to give it to you in, where do I start??? First of all, kudos to my darling brother Matt for fixing both this site and the genealogy site before I … Continue reading

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by popular demand…

I’m updating again (hold the applause, please). Now the cool news: I am updating from my work…on my new laptop!!!!!  (excuse me while I do a little dance of joy)

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new laptop & Dvorak

good news: my darlin' brother has given me a laptop!!!!! Bad news: I have to learn Dvorak…Ifeel retarded hunting for keys after all these years….

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Ok, Ok… apparently, I’m wanted…

I got a comment from my brother, and all it said was “Come on and blog again”. I guess I should blog then, huh? Where should I start? Perhaps like Kipling, with a “Once upon a Time, O Best Beloved” … Continue reading

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