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Musings on storage

I have been pondering online backup for months now, as my brother suggested it might be a good way to prevent data loss in a crash (like the one I had several months ago with my Seagate drive; crash, update, … Continue reading

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Day 9

I ran across an interesting post today here.  The author was talking about being bored with what was on her iPod, and asking for suggestions to add to it.  I got about halfway through the suggestions, and then fled to … Continue reading

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Day 6 – short but sweet?

Yeah right, every time that I say that, I end up writing a novel! I hope that everyone is doing well! I haven’t really gotten much done today. I woke up, ate, drank some coffee, and read New Moon (Stephanie … Continue reading

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Still flying…Matt and BSG, Police concert part II…

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Matt managed to snag some pictures at The Police concert in Dallas. You can find them here.  I think if he had gotten us any closer, I would have been in Sting’s lap…not that I would complain … Continue reading

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OMG – someone pinch me!!!

Six feet from the Police. Screaming. Dallas. Ears Ringing. Voice acting funky. Oh yeah, I had a massively cool birthday present!!!!!!!! Thanks, Matt!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best brother a girl could wish for!!!!!! Love, C

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Well, the job’s doing ok, and is a little less scary than I imagined. I think, once the dust clears, that I’ll be able to do this pretty much without too much trouble. In fact, I think that I’ll be … Continue reading

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I was flipping through the radio this morning, when I ran across Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” which helped propel me into work….little did I know this afternoon that a friend would be bringing me my very own copy … Continue reading

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Weird things that determine what you read

Ok so I’m watching Angel (note the obligitory link to the petition for a 6th season) and I’m not having a good time. My fave character, Wesley is watching his new girlfriend, Fred, die rather horribly, and he’s crying, which … Continue reading

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August and Everything After

Well, a nice girl named Amy hit the atmosphere (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and came back with the lyrics to August and Everything After. She was nice enough to get them to me for those who asked. Amy, I don’t … Continue reading

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That Day

Warning – Graphic Language!! “I dreamt tomorrow would have a prettier face I dreamt tomorrow would have something more to say than ‘You look like shit What’s your problem bitch? Your legs feel like sandpaper You can’t do anything right’” … Continue reading

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