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Weird things that determine what you read

Ok so I’m watching Angel (note the obligitory link to the petition for a 6th season) and I’m not having a good time. My fave character, Wesley is watching his new girlfriend, Fred, die rather horribly, and he’s crying, which … Continue reading

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August and Everything After

Well, a nice girl named Amy hit the atmosphere (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and came back with the lyrics to August and Everything After. She was nice enough to get them to me for those who asked. Amy, I don’t … Continue reading

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That Day

Warning – Graphic Language!! “I dreamt tomorrow would have a prettier face I dreamt tomorrow would have something more to say than ‘You look like shit What’s your problem bitch? Your legs feel like sandpaper You can’t do anything right’” … Continue reading

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Follow up: Adam, It’s june…

Well, miss Maria_Futura, this is the closest that I’ve been able to come to that song, and it’s still not complete. As far as I know, you can’t get a recording of it, although the rumors persist. August and Everything … Continue reading

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Adam, it’s June, and I’m already there

“In August and everything after, I’m after everything” – Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, on the unreleased “August and Everything After” title song It’s interesting to me how the seasons of my life are divided into songs or albums. … Continue reading

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