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I must be getting old…

As I sit here, and eat my (98% fat free turkey) hot dog with (red) onions, (25% reduced sodium) muenster cheese, (horseradish stone ground) mustard and ketchup on a (whole wheat 7 grain) bun with my bowl of (vegetarian honey) … Continue reading

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WordCamp San Francisco & WordPress Birthday Party

I have had so much fun this weekend, and it would be a horrible shame if I didn’t share them with all 3 of my readers. 🙂 So here’s a quick rundown: Friday:  After work, I took a much delayed … Continue reading

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Yummy…. One Dish Wonders for SxSW Enjoy, all ye in Austin…. errr… and extreme sheep LED art errr…and how to really embarass yourself on Twitter

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I just finished eating a shrimp & oyster po-boy @ the alligator grill….

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Day 8

My system is going insane. Here, look at some pictures. Matt – there’s one for you here.

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Day 6 – short but sweet?

Yeah right, every time that I say that, I end up writing a novel! I hope that everyone is doing well! I haven’t really gotten much done today. I woke up, ate, drank some coffee, and read New Moon (Stephanie … Continue reading

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Apparently, I really need to start blogging more…

ok, I was just installing the lovely snow that you see on my Chateau, when my brother, who was leaning over my shoulder said “August 30th???!?!?!?” I realized that he was looking at the last day that I had blogged. … Continue reading

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Simple joys have a simple voice/ That says “time is living’s prize”

I know it’s from Pippin; geez louise, folks, I really enjoyed that play! (I only hope that I got the lyric right…) Howdy world!!! I’m having a grand ol’ time at Opal Divine’s Marina, looking over MoPac (and bluebonnets!!!) and … Continue reading

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Fast food just slowed down for me!

Ordinarily, when I talk about a food establishment, I'm usually ranting – or raving – about their service or their dishes.  Today, I want to talk for a minute about a website; specifically Wendy's Hamburgers. Those of you that know … Continue reading

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Food and Lameness

So, for those of you that don’t read his blog, Matt is in Austin…well sort of. He stopped by this morning on his way to the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco. My roomie actually talked to him, b/c I hadn’t … Continue reading

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