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My horoscope for today

From Yahoo: There is an exciting surprise coming your way, right about now, so get ready to have your daily routine knocked on its ear! You have been waiting for an excuse to ditch your plans for the day, and … Continue reading

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I guess its official

Gas prices suck.  You know that’s official when a judge cites that as one of his (many) reasons for canceling a hearing: “While the Court realizes time is of the essence in this case,” his order states, “the Court wants … Continue reading

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Must have been quite the storm in downtown Austin

I just drove through downtown this morning, and it’s TRASHED – tree limbs everywhere, leaves everywhere, wires down…I saw a tree down while driving in, it was almost as thick as my car! It looks like there was a tornado … Continue reading

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I think I’ll try out the gallery feature…

….later…I’m still a bit addicted to flickr.  I’m torn. 😦  And I’m tired – so I’ll think about this tomorrow.

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A slightly new look…

Notice a slightly new look?  Well, I was playing with the widgets.  Let me know what you think!

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How can it be the end of the month already?  At least I’m heading to visit the brother soon…that’ll be my break after the server fiasco last week…

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I should have been a forecaster

I told everyone that we were going to have a cracking storm.  They didn’t believe me until the forecasters started freaking out about 9pm.  I didn’t believe me either. So I sat there in the guttering brownouts, listening to the … Continue reading

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