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Tickling Matt Pink…

I’m afraid that I may have started a trend…but I adore it even though it may get me killed by my darling brother! 🙂 But the whole world should know that ILoveMatt ! I always have and always will, but … Continue reading

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Asbestos, Ikea and WP

Ok, I’ve gotten a number of emails in the last few days asking me what I think of Matt. ‘Scuze me, but what the hell do you possibly believe I could think of Matt? He’s my brother! I understand that … Continue reading

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Vets, Spam again, and a hello

Howdy folks! Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I can’t even seem to keep up with my home email right now, much less writing here. I do spend an awful lot of time getting rid of trackback spam still, … Continue reading

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Well, Matt fixed the comment spam that was keeping me too busy to post. There were a few more this morning, but it was only 100 instead of the 400 a day that I was deleting, and they may have … Continue reading

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The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing

I erased over 300 spam comments off my blog this morning, but one guy decided to get creative and include actual quotes, etc., so I copied them and put them here b/c they were just too fun! (BTW, the title … Continue reading

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What I’m thankful for

My family. Seriously, they’re some of the coolest people around, and those those that aren’t provide me with hours of entertainment for my friends. Oh! My friends too!! They’re great fun in the good times, and great support in the … Continue reading

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10 Rules For Surviving Til The Credits Roll

I thought this was really cute, and that I would share… From – By Adele Hartley – 2004-11-9th It’s a horror movie… so why do they do that? RULE 1 Never split up. Especially when being pursued by a … Continue reading

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I’m alive, just very very tired. Hope that everyone is doing ok, and that I will have more time for this soon. Hi and bye folks!

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Check this out!!!

I ran into this from a link on my brother’s blog. He had a link to the Technorati 100, which he was a part of – yay Matt for making # 3! Anyway, number 21 was, of all things, a … Continue reading

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