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What Role Playing Games Can Teach You About Business

My father never sends me articles, so when he sent me one on 10 Business Lessons I Learned From Dungeons and Dragons today, I took notice. (this led to further links like Everything I Know I’ve Learnt (sic) From D&D … Continue reading

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I’m going to Sam’s

Somebody do my HTML project for me?  It has to be done entirely in Notepad.  Matt, this would finally teach you how to spell HTML…no?  Ok.  I’ll do both…sigh…

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I went to go and pay for my Wordcamp Dallas passes and the site was down. Annoying. In other crashing news (from yesterday): fans followed Miracle Laurie’s suggestion to call Fox Broadcasting and encourage them to renew Dollhouse.  How do … Continue reading

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Alright now, let’s hear it

In a few minutes, it will be Monday. What will you make of yourself this week? What goals do you have? What dreams are you working to fulfill? Stop avoiding Monday. It’s just a new beginning.

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Testing galleries, and the rumors are true…

I now have 20/15 vision, and I’m very much noticing in the ways that I’m processing color and light.  I’m not joking.  My mother always talked about her blue ceilings. but I didn’t think that were that blue until yesterday. … Continue reading

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Protected: You know it as well as I do…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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I should have been a forecaster

I told everyone that we were going to have a cracking storm.  They didn’t believe me until the forecasters started freaking out about 9pm.  I didn’t believe me either. So I sat there in the guttering brownouts, listening to the … Continue reading

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