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Musings on storage

I have been pondering online backup for months now, as my brother suggested it might be a good way to prevent data loss in a crash (like the one I had several months ago with my Seagate drive; crash, update, … Continue reading

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Update on the downed drive

Thank you all for responding to my previous post! I was going pretty crazy over that, I can tell you, but all the support both here and on FB really allowed my temper to calm! So, the drive is in … Continue reading

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Seagate is making me a little psychotic

My 1.5 tb Seagate external drive decided to fritz on me today. I’m freaking out.  I’m talking thousands of pictures, all of my schoolwork, archived emails, music, you name it. I’m guessing that I’m going to need professional data recovery … Continue reading

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Finished XML!!!

For better or worse. I’m fervently praying for an A, but there’s a great feeling of catharsis when you just let something go into someone else’s hands. This class plagued me all week, and so last night’s letting go was … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day!

Apparently, for me, that means making Gas House Eggs and learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) from the ground up 😛 Call me crazy, but I’m starting to enjoy this stuff.

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I’m going to Sam’s

Somebody do my HTML project for me?  It has to be done entirely in Notepad.  Matt, this would finally teach you how to spell HTML…no?  Ok.  I’ll do both…sigh…

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Quizzes and Chuck don’t always mix

Especially when you have questions like : What is the key feature of object-oriented systems? um…object-orientation itself? Just at a guess. Seriously, I have an excellent teacher with a talent for asking truly thought provoking questions.

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