So Much Going On!!!

I haven’t made time to write!!! On the upside, everything is on the up-side 😀 I like staying busy, and although it gets a little stressful, I love the direction that my life is heading, so I’m willing to put in the time! Talk to you all soon!

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Well, we know who the real twit is…

Honestly, I run into the weirdest things by reading Whedonesque

Lets talk about Felicia Day and Twitter. Felicia is known for the webseries The Guild, and for being one of the Potentials/Slayers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  but I noticed her when Joss tapped her again for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  She’s a prolific Twitter user (and WordPress user!!), and a huge supporter of social media, so when this article came out in Vanity Fair about business women using Twitter as part of their presence on the net, everyone got excited.  Disappointingly, its horrible (and not in the awesome Neil Patrick Harris sort of way).
Felicia was understandably disappointed and posted her thoughts about the incident on her blog. She was very polite about the entire incident considering how livid she must have been, and only crowed once about how the magazine was being made redundant in the spate and growth of new media. Talk about a great lady! I doubt that I could have been that reserved if I had been the subject of the VF article, especially with quotes like this:

In order to stay in touch with, and keep intact, their legions of “followers”—that’s twitspeak for the number of people who have signed up to read one’s tweets—these civilian twilebrities must, you know, tweet a lot.

Wow.  That’s deep. I’m now inspired to, you know, tweet a lot. If there is ever a course that focuses on gender presentation in modern technology, this would be an excellent cautionary tale of  how to alienate every educated and enlightened individual that reads your publication. Congratulations, Vanity Fair.

ANYWAY,  the comments on Felicia’s blog  get super interesting after a bit – apparently some of her commenters believed that in taking that photograph (in which the girls appear as stylized ‘virtual reporters’ in trenchcoats and heels with their phones in hand) and appearing attractive/sexy in it, they were deserving to be completely patronized and dismissed in the article.  Enjoy the debate.

I also liked the comment (via 2 Twitter posts) from one of the other picture “Twilebrities”  Sarah Evans, who managed to put a nice and positive spin on the whole experience.

Thank you to all who posted thoughts & reactions to the Vanity Fair piece. Hopefully this serves as a launching pad… …to highlight real accomplishments by these women. It’s sparked topics that really do need to be discussed, & for that, I’m glad.

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It’s Snowing!!!

Well it was!

Not just on my blog, either.  When I woke up this morning (late), and took the dog out, I heard the tip tip of  tiny raindrops, and saw that they were actually little snowflakes 🙂 I bring proof, even (see attachments)

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I really love Flickr and it’s support of various kinds of Creative Commons licensing, which I’ve used to share my photos with various websites.  My favorite site that I’ve shared with lately is Oddly Specific, which I heard about at the Microsoft PDC09 keynote speech, and to which I  submitted my favorite sign ever:

I really love their site, and will be submitting often.  But this posts is about the times that I see my work in unexpected places.

Occasionally, I look through the referrers to my photostream, though, and find very amusing (and usually fully attributed) uses of my photos. For instance, I have never been to Foley, Alabama or the Magnolia Hotel, and yet they used one of my photos –

is the same as

Of course, I’m extremely flattered that they used my photograph, and will now have to visit both their hotel and their Antique Rose Trail – I might even offer them a new photo from in, instead of them having to use this one from the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, TX.OMG!!!

This Digg post cause my Flickr photo of a funnel cloud jump to 35 thousand views in a couple of days.  Imagine my surprise when I stopped by my Flickr statistics, and saw all those views!!!!

Oddly, I also shoClose upw up on several flower referencFire Wheeles like for Bells of Ireland and Indian Blankets. I love taking pictures of flowers, so I really enjoy seeing my pictures being used as examples on these sites.

I guess the moral of this ramble down Flickr lane is to keep an eye on your statistics and referrers – you never know where you’re going to see your own photograph looking back at you!!

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The Dollhouse and the Rossum Corporation

Wow, this is a really awesome viral campaign!

Rossum Corporation launched a web site in apparent reaction to Senator Perrin’s Senate investigation of both the corporation, and the allegations of a Dollhouse (or Dollhouses). According to Whedonesque, when the Rossum contact number is called, and a message left, you will receive a message imploring you to “ditch the tech”.

The wicked smart poster (Dev – name, not function) then went back to the web, and searched the phrase…and found this truly eerie site. If you open up the link at the bottom, there’s a few little posters to paste around town, and possibly highly confuse folks 🙂

Finally, commenter Arison noticed a link leading to a site called Wipe the Future. This site seems to have to most activity, since it said only “Soon” this morning when Arison saw it, and it says “ROSSUM KNOWS THAT YOU KNOW.” now.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Topher, than are dreamt of in your Dollhouse.

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Final Update on the Drive

They did it!!!!  The Geek Squad rescued all my data!!!! They’re mailing it back to me on a portable drive.  I ❤ the Geek Squad.

I ❤ Seagate, too.  I checked on them, and they were really laid back.  Don’t worry about the drive, they said, we’ll take it when you get it back.

I ❤ you guys, and your prayers.  Thank you SO MUCH for your support, and guidance <hugs!>!

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Update on the downed drive

Thank you all for responding to my previous post! I was going pretty crazy over that, I can tell you, but all the support both here and on FB really allowed my temper to calm!

So, the drive is in Level 3 Data Recovery at the Geek Squad DRD Lab. Apparently, they had to take it apart, re-mount the plates, and try to get stuff off.  Please join me in my prayers to St. Anthony and St. Jude that they can get all the information off. It will be weeks before we know 😦 but I’m prepared for whatever they tell me now. 🙂

Either way, both Seagate and the Geek Squad have been wicked awesome about all of this, even through my hysterical phase. Seagate is even going to replace the drive after all the hulabaloo is done. And the Geek Squad has given me everything that I’ve asked for, and more.

Super companies + Super customer service = much calmer me.

I’ll update y’all when I hear anymore.

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