Well, the world didn’t end……

I just wanted everyone to know that I’m still here! I’ve been really busy with work and travel, and as a result, I have been a bad blogger. They switched the computers at work, so I can no longer borrow someone else’s password to log into the internet there, and that’s really cramped my style, and the time that I have to post. I would be a lot happier if the big boss would just give me my own access, but she and I have fought about this for three years, and no positive results have appeared.

Well, I’ve got to go on to job #2 now. I’m cutting it a little close, but I’m less than a mile from work, and Mark doesn’t care if I’m a couple of minutes late. That being said, I don’t want to do a hyperlink to work now, for safety’s sake. If y’all would like to see the website, drop me an email and I’ll get that to you.

Hope y’all had a wonderful new year and Christmas! I’ll have to tell you about mine later, but they were fabulous!

About Matt

In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.
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2 Responses to Well, the world didn’t end……

  1. name says:

    Welcome back.

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