Ok, y’all, I thought you might be interested in this….

I was looking for addresses for Muehlenweg (the lost branch in our family tree), and ran across about 10 in NM, FL, OK & MD. I’ll be making up a letter today at lunch, and sending it out to them; much like I did with the Mullenwegs a couple of years ago (which got me whole other parts of the tree!). Hopefully that will get us some more information! I also came up with about 15 or 20 email addresses, so I’ll be sending the letter there as well. I have to make sure to update the news at as the letters/email will be directing them there. I have to think of something welcoming, that will make them feel right at home.

There were a lot more of the Muehlenwegs that I just got the name but no address. On of the things that I kept running across was those websites where you pay $9.95 and you get one day’s access to their address database – whatever happened to the good old days where you could pull anyone’s info off the net? – and I’m considering doing that later. I want to see how this works first.

I was going through old genealogical documents here yesterday looking for the letter that I sent to the Mullenwegs (which I didn’t find) and I ran accross a document that Eleanor Beebe sent me listing the Mullenwegs, Puls and Wichmanns buried in Washington cemetary. I scrolled through it, and saw something I missed before: a listing for records found at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston, TX. On a whim, I googled them, emailed them, and moved on to actual work. Well, they called me this morning and asked me a few questions; they said they’d be happy to look up the records for me – no charge!!!! Woo-hoo!! I hope they kept as good a set of records as the Lutheran churches did in Germany! Also, now that I know that they were lutheran, I can look for records in Navasota and Calvert, etc!

Sorry, I’m just excited!!!

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3 Responses to news

  1. Mom says:


  2. Mom says:

    Have you heard from any of them?

  3. Larry Puls says:

    Would like to read some of those letters, as I’m a relative of
    the Frickrick W. Puls of Houston, but haven’t made all the links
    of my Grandfather Wilhelm who came from Mecklenburg with him.
    Also Found Houston’s Washington Cemetery online that may
    help you with your other ancestry.

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